This wiki page for collaborative leadership development within Writing Consultant ranks. When I sent out an email to our Writing Consultants inviting them to participate in the creation of an informal leadership system to help the Director manage the Writing Center and increase a sense of Consultant camaraderie. The first ones to respond met with me and after an hour of brainstorming and discussion, they took over the project and ran with it. In collaboration with the Director they have created a new position of "Consultant Advisor" for Consultants who have proven themselves exceptional in their work.
I am proud of the consultants we have, and especially proud of those named below who took the lead in this important project. I retain this page as a record of our early meetings, a kind of "digital scratch pad", and to show what is possible with wikis & collaboration!

Cap'n Crunch-Time

Consultant Captains Collaboration Wiki

(this Cap'n ain't messin' around!)

Originally we considered naming the position "captain" and I offered this amusing Cap'n Crunch image to prevent over-serious authority.

The title of Consultant Advisor that they finally chose is ideal.

It shouldn't take long but it's URGENT...

The Director needs this ASAP to submit to the Writing Center Advisory Board - send him a copy and cc: me.

Please send the following in a Word Doc:

  • mission statement

  • duties you have envisioned

  • long-term plans as noted in e-mails and discussion tab postings here.

You might want to introduce these with a brief paragraph that outlines the concept of captain-leadership, its necessity and dual-purpose (consultant development & program management). Feel free to come up with your own words or borrow from our discussions and writings together. I see the captain consultant system as a way to help the Director manage a growing program, provide incentive for exceptional Consultant performance, promote an organic kind of leader-mentor system that will help create a sense of consultant community, improve program communication, inspire individual performance and promote the professional development of superior (or dedicated, or devoted, or the most engaged, most reliable...) consultants. Such a system will also help to promote the "culture of writing" we've discussed on campus where the WC becomes part of generating a wider interest and enthusiasm for language with workshops, cultural events (i.e. non-academic language oriented workshops), movie series, advertising & writing tips slides on UR cable and THC and other UR screens.

An upcoming reduction in Writing Center staff may create conditions of high stress and/or confusion in the WAC Program, especially during "crunch times" and so we are instituting a system of mentorship and leadership within our ranks of Writing Consultants to help manage the large FYS increase in demand for the program and to reward top performing Consultants with leadership opportunities and an additional stipend.

This space is meant for you to use for brainstorming, posting ideas, documents, links, images that are relevant our task of composing a Consultant Captain leadership/mentorship system. To edit the wiki you need to create a free account unless you already use wikispaces.

Some preliminary questions...

What areas/positions/specialties can we use to organize our captains?

manager peer writing adviser consultant coach consultant support

mentor consultant assistant fellow sidekick super hero savior veteran

Will we need to recruit a few more captains?

What should the requirements be for nomination to captain?

How many meetings would be manageable & useful?

leadership/motivation something like "the dundees"

Workshop ideas?

WC Promo - engaging, curiosity-provoking slides, film series

"culture of writing" events?

Contests for Collegian publication, small writing awards

readings, brief performance, reading marathons

fun writing-oriented contests, creative writing games

single list & promo of on-campus reading events

the Messenger

Homecoming Writing Center event/table/presentation - possible funding opportunity

connecting students who write for their own reasons fiction/nonfiction